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01 June 2018
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Heritage Landscape Creativity

Amulets, Charms & Totems August 13th
Some places distinguish themselves, first glance, part curve & coastline roll, nothing more, still, slow lift the veil glimpse deeper, feel texture, smooth unique forms, practice geological crafts, caressed ocean rise & fall torso twist & turn…
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Ben Griam Beg – a speculative archaeology April 13th
Coblaith furiously lashed the flank of the mud splattered beast as it stumbled up the slope. They had already lost two of their bulls. The first had plunged into a bog pool, thrashing and roaring as it sank deeper, until … Continue reading →
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Past Inspired Sculpture 8 February 11th
Prehistory and public art frequently entangle. Monumental forms referencing deep time of places, expressions of hoped for futures,  accrete.   On a coastal headland, aggregation of ancient sites Evoking trialothonic brutalisms of Stonehenge drea…
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