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03 October 2014
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26 September 2014
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23 September 2014
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Heritage Landscape Creativity

Through the Eyes of the Ballachulish Goddess April 9th
The Ballachulish Goddess was discovered in 1880 beneath about 10 feet of peat. When she was lifted from lying face down, her quartzite pebble eyes stared forward, unwavering. How remarkable it would have been, when she was first lifted to … Continu…
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Among The Dead Dunes Some Trees Glow Like The Sun… January 2nd
  Among Dead Dunes Primordial Arboreal Gold Washes Upon Baltic Geographies. Millennial Boundaries Shift With Faint Traces Of Ancient Rites, Through Weaving Light & Shadow We Can Glow Like The Sun. I was privileged to stay nearly three weeks in &h…
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There Is An Equilibrium Here… ? December 31st
Five days and fifty miles I traveled by foot. Narrating the journey, as a linear movement would be possible, but my experiences were more complex, more entangled, with a range of eruptions and encounters in the changing landscapes which continue … …
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